Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Vacation Star | Randai | Randai is one kind of art theater Minangkabau people. Typically, one group Randai numbered 14 to 25 players who brought the plays of folklore, such as, Kati Alam, Samsudin, Siti Sabariah, Nature, Siti Saedar Janela and others.


Technically, Randai a blend of dance, music and theater. Its uniqueness lies in the form of presentation to the shape of a circular pattern. The closeness between players and spectators makes Randai very familiar with the Minangkabau society.


Randai usually played dihalan or the field, so that the audience surrounding the players seem to be a unified whole. In each appearance, the audience can just interrupt dialogues delivered players or maybe players cheer to give passion like lenong in Batavia.

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